Mottainai Temple Mat & Teaching Guide

Mottainai is a unique, beautifully-designed game played with a single deck of multi-function cards, which unfolds into a game of diverse strategies and unexpected depth. Although the game plays quickly, in as few as 15 minutes, it can be difficult to wrap one’s head around the game structure for the first time. The components on this page make Mottainai easy to teach.

Both of these components are designed to fit into the Mottainai Deluxe game box, but they can be printed at any scale you’d like.

If you use these, let us know how it worked out and what could be improved. Comment below or on these files at BoardGameGeek (temple mat, teaching guide).

Temple mat

During a game of Mottainai, this temple mat takes the place of the original temple mat AND the reference card that both come with the game. The front displays a step-by-step guide to all turn actions. The back provides a reference to game-end rules and scoring.

Several formats are provided for different printing methods. Color is recommended, but not necessary. If printed at 100% scale, the resulting dimensions (after cutting) are 7.875″ x 4.875″.

Double-sided printing: Choose a version, print, and cut as marked. Bleed is 1/8″ (.125″).

Single-sided printing: Print, cut as marked, then fold in half to make a two-sided temple mat.

Teaching guide

This folded guide includes:

  • Setup instructions for 2-6 players.
  • Reminders & errata: Clarifications that are either frequently needed, or missing from the printed rulebook that comes with the game. This can be placed vertically on the table as a reference for all players.
  • Teaching guide: A step-by-step guide to introducing the game concepts.

To print this guide:

  • Printing double-sided is recommended, but not required.
  • Cut as marked, then fold in half with the first page on the outside.
  • If printed at 100% scale, results in 7.875″ x 9.5″ after cutting or 7.875″ in x 4.75″ in after folding. Fits in Deluxe box.

Other notes

  • The font Jost by Owen Earl was used to approximate the appearance of the game materials.
  • Shared with permission from Asmadi Games.


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