Wingspan Reference Card (player aid & teaching aid)

This reference card helps players teach and learn to play Wingspan (Elizabeth Hargrave, published by Stonemaier Games).

Taking up minimal space on the table, the card is designed to be tucked under the left side of the Wingspan player mat, presenting helpful instructions for each the four rows/actions on the player mat (“Play a bird”, “Gain food”, etc). When pulled out, it displays additional reminders about scoring, end-of-round steps, and other details frequently needed by new players.

The reverse side is for those teaching/leading a game of Wingspan, with a rough “orientation” script, steps to set up and begin the game, and reminders for using nectar in the Oceania expansion. (This does not substitute for the game’s printed rules, and it works best after you have already read the complete rulebook.)

You can print this at home at letter size (8.5×11″), and it fits in the Wingspan box.



Print on letter-sized (8.5×11″) paper or cardstock. I recommend either:

  • Print double-sided (flip on long edge), 1 copy per player, or
  • If you can’t print double-sided, print a single copy of the setup/orientation page (for the teacher) and multiple copies of the “On your turn” page (for learners)

Margins are 0.25″ (1/4″). Color printing is not necessary.

Other notes

  • This guide works with the base game, with or without any of the Europe, Oceania, and Asia expansions. Rules specific to an expansion are labeled with [Europe] or [Oceania]. However, the guide does not currently include instructions for Duet Mode, Flock Mode, or Automa (solo mode).
  • As recommended by Stonemaier games for fan content, this uses the fonts Barlow and Patrick Hand SC.
  • This is not an official Stonemaier product.


I’d love to hear how this player aid has worked for you and how you think it could be improved. Please comment below or on this file at BoardGameGeek.


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